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Stranger PC Game Free Download

Stranger PC Game Free Download

Stranger PC Game Free Download
Size: 603 MB
Genre: RPG, Indie, Strategy

Description: Become a stranger in the magical world, leading armies of mysterious creatures, and fighting for
your immortal soul. In this epic story, where the forces of light and dark are not as divided as they seem, you must gain experience to extend your abilities, unravel secrets of magic world, and crush your enemies either by skills or by using brute force. Some of the best heroes are at your service, and hordes of creatures are ready for you to lead them to victory. Proper battle tactics and planning strategy, using of diplomacy, gaining benefits of trading, using of magic – all of these components will help you to accomplish your goals and achieve your desires.


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Minimum System Requirements:

How to Install Stranger PC Game [Gamesena.com]

  1. Unpack, burn or mount Install the game
  2. Play the gameThis game is rather old, but never got cracked. We present you the unprotected v1.2 version of the game.
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Stranger PC Game Free Download

Stranger PC Game Free Download

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