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Sonic Galactic For PC Free Download

Sonic Galactic For PC Free Download full version. Sonic Galactic brings back classic Sonic game with tons of new features.

Sonic Galactic For PC Free Download

Sonic Galactic is a fan-made modified game that is beautifully designed, with additional color palettes, lots of levels, exciting boss battles, and five different playable characters.

There are various kinds of 2D Sonic modification games out there, most of them only from the original Sonic game. In contrast to them, the Sonic Galactic game offers something special where this game recreates the classic gameplay of Sonic Galactic, instills more creativity which is certainly new, and provides a unique playing sensation compared to similar modified games. You may also like Tunic

The current version of Sonic Galactic has two large levels, can fight two types of bosses, and can play 5 types of characters. The 5 characters in question are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Fang, and a new character named Tunnel. The tunnel has the power that allows him to shoot at high speed which shakes up the gameplay.

Players can experience the sensation of a classic Sonic adventure with a mix of new characters, lively designs and exquisite color combinations. Not to mention the presence of new characters who are ready to make the game more exciting and interesting. At each level you will get a different sensation. The five playable characters also provide a factor that differentiates this game from other fans’ modified games.

All of the characters feel great while retaining the idea and style of classic Sonic gameplay but with a touch that’s more flexible and responsive. The levels are also very well made with a variety of additional different game routes and a few little secrets at hand. This game offers something new and suitable to play for those who love the classic version.

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