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Delta Gal Full Game Free Download

Delta Gal Full Game Free Download for PC. Delta Gal is new game inspired from Mega Man that truly fun to play.

Delta Gal is a game inspired by Mega Man with the theme of fighting in a fantastic world, supported by compelling visual design, fast gameplay, and big bosses to fight with.

Delta Gal is currently being developed by Arthur Vyater. Delta Gal is a 3D adventure game where players take control of a charming character in a colorful and dangerous world. The player will move quickly and nimbly where the player has a hand like the Mega Man that can fire something the player can upgrade and as the adventure progresses the player can unlock new powers such as a hook that allows the player to reach new areas. You may also like Mega Man

The current version of the Delta Gal game allows players to explore a specific city area and a large area outside the city area that looks similar to the Zelda game. In the dungeon, there will be all kinds of things that can be explored, do battle, or solve puzzles, and lastly against big, strong monsters.

In addition, players can roam in a large enough area for newly developed games. The combat features are quite complete, plus dynamic battles, visual designs when fighting that make us always addicted to fighting.

Delta Gal can be played in approximately 30 minutes and there are many things to explore in this game. There are various kinds of big enemies and quite challenging obstacles. The main character Si Delta Gal has an amazing character design with no less great strength. Highly recommended.

Delta Gal Full Game Free Download can be downloaded below

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